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Captain’s Quarters

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Captain's Quarters Mementos of his Chilean home My neighbor German has been collecting nautical treasures in his Captain's Quarters for many years and from across several continents. Originally from Chile, German fled his country during the Pinochet coup d'état and found refuge in Venezuela. He then had to escape another regime change [...]

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How the Winded Voyage idea began

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The Winded Voyage idea began mostly in my imagination. I've always dreamed of sailing the oceans, and when I'd be looking over Lac Léman from my apartment over to the French Alps I just dreamed of sailing around the lake. And finally I did. I brought my GoPros and Sony NEX-5 cameras along for a journey around the [...]

Is sailing the Fountain of Youth?

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Is Sailing The Fountain Of Youth? This is Michel Diet, pronounced “deeyay”. He’s seventy-nine and a half years old – he stresses the half. A life long sailor and airplane pilot. Michel lives on his 46ft ketch in La Grande-Motte in the south of France. We were introduced by a mutual friend who suggested I [...]