Project Description

Winded Voyage | Episode 14 | The Wicked Winch

The wicked winches of the West, East, North and South. They’re all around Galopin! There are 9 winches in total that needed a good service. And then there is Episode 14, The Wicked Winch. This episode will give you a look into winch servicing. We will also take a quick break and visit the the city of Perpignan. The city is about 30 minutes from the Spanish border and is located in French Catalonia. The people here consider themselves Catalan more than French.

Boat shop and naval yard:

Technique Plaisance
440 Quai du Pla de l’entrée
Zone technique du port
11 370 Port-Leucate
Du mardi au samedi
De 9h à 12h30 et de 14h à 18h