The interior of Galopin

  • Interior of Galopin, Library Bar
  • the interior of Galopin, navigation table
  • Interior of Galopin personal corner
  • Interior of Galopin day bar
  • Interior of Galopin, Port Aft Cabin
  • Interior of Galopin, Starboard Aft Cabin
  • Inside Galopin the V-Berth
  • Inside Galopin, forward head & shower
  • Interior of Galopin, the Galley
  • Interior of Galopin looking aft

1981 Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40

The Interior of Galopin has been designed in the early eighties. Very simple clean lines, all functional. If it’s kept uncluttered, it opens up the space. It’s almost as if you’re in a small studio apartment. For such a small space, it offers an open sense of space. As I was rummaging thorough all its storage, trunks and closets, It became so evident that everything had a place and a purpose, everything is very clever. And this is something that  makes it all comfortable. For such a tiny space, the interior of Galopin is quite roomy.

Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 schematic

Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 schematic

Contents we found when clearing out the interior of Galopin

1 Storm-Bag® emergency jib sail

Deflated Tender

Plastic tender bench seat

Wooden supports for tender

Bottle of coolant

Left over exhaust tubing

Emergency valve and tubing fro retractable keel

Various tube left overs

1 Karcher jet cleaner

3 Buckets

1 Manual Depth finder

1 Small tender anchor

50 meters of coiled electrical wire

Emergency fire blanket

Emergency tiller

50 meters of coiled electrical wire

1 Genoa sail

1Main Sail

1 Jib Sail

Genoa sheets with pulleys

Dozens of ropes and sheets and halyards

Emergency tiller

Deck table extension

4 oars

1 Gaffe

1 Manual bilge pump handle

1 used engine transmission tree

3 Floor boards for tender

4 cans of propane camping gas

50 m of chain anchor

2 Plough anchors

4 cans of propane camping gas

1 Bimini Top NEW

1 Splash Guard NEW

1 Canvas rain gatherer NEW

1 Mail sail protective cover NEW

9 Life jackets, 5 NEW

3 Children’s life jackets

1 Spinnaker in hoisting sock in bag

3 Outdoor cockpit seat cushions NEW

5 safety harnesses

1 Climbing harness to get up the mast

3 Fleece blankets

Kid’s sleeping bag

Dozens of shackles and pulleys

Engine spare parts, such as belts, filters and more

1 Two stroke carburetor

Out of date emergency flares

Sail lattices

Barrel of engine oil with 4 litres left in it

Full Bluewater stock emergency flares within date

1/2 Full bottle of coolant

Much mosquito repellent candles, spray and incense

Some books, almanacs & dated supplier catalogs

Television set

1 grappling hook for

Several squid shaped lures

Fishing line

1 Sheet blocker in a box

Out of date jarred good

Empty bottles and plastic boxes

Battery powered lantern

Maps, charts and work receipts

2 Navtex

1 AIS/VHF radio transmitter

1 Portable VHF radio, missing charge unit

Electric circuit board

TV Antenna switch

1 Furuno radar screen

Raymarine instruction manual

Windlass wired controller

Business cards



Pen, pencils and lead refills

Dulled manual compass

Misc. electronic wires and USB cables

Small Plastic baskets

1 Broken taped up vacuum cleaner

iBook box filled with instruction manuals

(Note to self. Read these!)

Cleaning products

Many packs of medicines and other first aid items

Corporal cleaning crap

Several bottles of sun products

Wet wipes


Fully equipped kitchen with all marine dish ware.

Full stock of cooking utensils, pots & pans, one for crêpes

Emergency fire blanket

Odd food stuff, most out of date.

Out of date jarred good

Too many Tupperware lids to match containers

Many cleaning products