Season 3 | The Canary Islands

Winded Voyage Season 3  The Canary Islands, sets out for a new series of discoveries and adventures on S/V Galopin. I only planned to stay there a few days and ended up being there a year and half. Why? A small alternator problem was the Butterfly Effect. So I began my discovery of the Canary Islands from Lanzarote, island of 100 volcanoes. Beautiful Isla Graciosa. Fuerteventura and Grand Canaria. Incredible Tenerife and its carnaval and snow capped volcano. Wild La Gomera and the hippies wilderness. La Palma, La Isla Bonita the most fertile and latin of the islands and finally El Hierro the most environmentally friendly. This is just a hint of what you’ll see on Season 3  The Canary Islands

So for those who want to embark on a sailing vessel, travel the world and change your life see what it takes too get started on Winded Voyage Season 1.

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