Season 1 | The Beginning

Winded Voyage Season 1 The Beginning, is where my living adventure series started. It started by scanning YouTube videos and stumbling on S/V Delos, which led to Wicked Salty, White Spot Pirates and La Vagabonde. The inspiration was anchored and the sails set in motion. I had to go off on what I call my Winded Voyage.

In all the videos I watched, no one explained how to get started. So I decided to document my story from when I got the idea, finding a boat, buying it, going to sailing class, fixing things, getting a sailing license, testing the waters and sailing a 1000 nautical miles to validate my license. That is the gist of the first 35 episodes of Winded Voyage Season 1.

So for those who want to embark on a sailing vessel, travel the world and change your life see what it takes too get started on Winded Voyage Season 1 The Beginning