Jeanneau Sun Fizz Brochure cover circa 1980

80s French brochure cover

Galopin is a 1981 Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40. Designed by Philipe Briand, our lady is the “deriveur” version or a lifting keel yacht. This will allow me to explore places bigger yachts can’t reach. It offers lots of comfort for its size, mainly the cabin headroom which fits my 185cm frame, (6’2″), as well as my brother who’s close to 190cm. It says in the old 1980s brochure – The Sun Fizz is an adult or family boat. Three separate, private double cabins provide tranquility for intimate pursuits – which is taken from the brochure page below. I guess it must refer to the more libertine lifestyle of 80s’ French cruisers.

Two heads and a large dining salon for six. A wide navigator’s table with comfy curved built-in bench. The lifting keel mechanism is housed below waterline so it does not take up valuable interior space. The interior aesthetics are quite modern looking for a boat of that era. Simple and functional with little or no nautical decorative nonsense. As the exterior design suggests, the Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 is a performance cruiser. Sleek lines, flat deck, big comfortable cockpit. It’s design to sail easily and perform.

Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 was licensed for the US market and was called the O'Day 39

Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40 was licensed for the US market and was called the O’Day 39

The previous owner equipped his girl for a solo transat to take her across the Atlantic to cruise the Caribbean with his family. He garnished her with a teak rear swimming platform. Then sailed to Bermuda where Galopin was dressed in brand new sexy sand colored canvas bimini top and splash guard custom made by skilled craftsmen. It even has a canvas rain catcher!  While out there, he treated the hull with a most powerful osmosis treatment meant to last as long as the boat.

We had the boat surveyed down to the last detail to pass strict Swiss insurance requirements. It was a full day affair with a top pro who also does insurance damage claims. His check list was bigger than a Chinese menu. Going from the top of the mast to the depth of the retractable keel. As he inspected the recent rigging I got the impression he had a Swiss sense of perfection. And as a French yachtsman he knew the Jeanneau Sun Fizz very well, as he had owned and sailed one in the past.

Jeanneau Sun Fizz brochure page 3

Page 3 of the O’Day brochure

The steady and trusted Perkins diesel engine has been maintained to perfection so it’s 4000+ hours hardly show its age. To make sure, we had the oil lab tested after a heated 7 knot test run in the bay, during which the autopilot proved to be right-on as well as heavy duty. The instruments were also in good functional order, as the surveyor called in on the VHF to test reception. According to him, there were several key points of serious maintenance that had properly been taken care of. As an example, he pointed out the stainless steel plate covering the retractable keel. It was new and well fitted. The keel bolts showed no stress or corrosion. He pulled out every floor plank, storage lid and closet door looking for problems. And he found them! They were indicated on the sales sheet, not hidden and waiting to bite me in the ass. OK, the water heater’s dead. Propane gas coupling is not up to code. And a few other projects I’ll have to take on. All these details can be watched on Winded Voyage | Epiosde 5.

Inspecting Jeanneau Sun Fizz hull

Surveyor inspecting below water line

Galopin is just waiting for some slight repairs, some WD-40 on the winches and a chance to get out there and gallop over the waves and through the gales. She’s a pretty hot looking lady for almost being a 40 years old Jeanneau Sun Fizz. I’m just taken by her French charm, as she’s my Galopin and the vessel for my Winded Voyage.