Sailor Alex testing life aboard S/V Galloping


Testing Life Aboard

The reason we had no heat or lights is simply because we did not know how to turn on the power. Duh! We finally figured it out, got a little heater a bunch of food and drinks. I fixed the propane gas system easily, and we turned Galopin into our tiny home. It was awesome! We did a few projects, and had some help changing the batteries. The old ones were dangerously dead. “Could explode!” said David the local mechanic.

And then I came back a day later alone. I’d forgotten to turn the main power switch off. I shut all the through-hull valves, the circuit board and unplugged from shore power. Just forgot one thing, so I had to come down again. I was back Saturday just before noon to be testing life aboard again. The batteries were full, I had heat and list of more projects to take on, as well as discussing the estimate to fix the water heater and get a full engine lube job.

I also had to find the emergency rudder and fix a vent in the cockpit so that my brother could get the boat registered Swiss. These were part of the equipment requirements.

Port Leucate beach when testing life aboard

Port Leucate Pier from the beach on a very windy January day

Then on a really windy Sunday afternoon, I decided to go and try to get a few photographs. I wasn’t expecting much as the weather seemed nasty, but I was soon swept away by the Ghost-Town like beauty of my new environment. The pictures are beautifully solemn and tortured. The Winded Voyage gets literally winded. Take a look at this portfolio to understand.