Project Description

The Winded Voyage trailer

The Winded Voyage trailer gives is a quick look into the idea of what this video series is going to be about. Basically, it’s about following an ordinary middle aged guy who finally goes and lives the dream of living on a sailboat and sailing around the world. From making the decision, finding a boat, owning it, learning to sail and living on it. And finally discovering the world on a 40 foot sailboat.

I’ve defined it as A Living Adventure Series. Contrary to reality TV, which has cameras following people continuously, here the camera will be in my control, as well as the storytelling and editing. When viewers tune in to the series, they will be going into my life for a short moment. I also call this a Selfie Documentary.

This is what makes film making really exciting today. Because now every day people can create content that is fresh, uninhibited and free of commercial constraints. People who do it from their heart and guts and just put it out there for everyone to see.