Project Description

Trailer Sailing To Africa

Three years ago I never sailed on the open ocean. And here I am in the Mid-Atlantic 300NM off the coast of Africa between the Canary Islands and Cabo Verde. And that’s where I’m going Cape Verde in Africa. In my trusty 37 year old Galopin. A 40ft Jeanneau SunFizz sailboat. I’m accompanied by Natacha, a French Comoran. We’re an odd duo. Very different, but with a similar appetite to travel. We call ourselves modern nomads. And together we’ve decided to sail to West Africa beginning with Cabo Verde. An independent African nation archipelago consisting of ten islands. Then we hope to continue to Senegal, The Gambia, Guinée Bissau and who knows where else we’ll venture. The Caribbean? Not yet. That’s for tourists. We’re adventurers. There is a fascinating continent on this side of the ocean that beckons us. This is Winded Voyage Season 4, the Trailer Sailing To Africa.