Project Description

Winded Voyage Season 2 is off on new adventures. With my sailing license in hand I go back to Galopin in Port Leucate France to set off on an key challenge to my sailing apprenticeship. Solo sailing for two weeks. I’m supported by co-star “Bix”, a colourful character with a French southern twang and pure sailing spirit. He accompanies me on a journey down the Spanish coast and a series of solo sailing challenges. You’ll meet Bix and see how he is the perfect follow up to Skipper Nico in my training to be a self-reliant sailor. It’s one thing to have a skipper on board to lean on, but when faced with the challenges of being alone on a 40ft yacht, it’s another story. And this is what Winded Voyage is about. Telling the story of one 55 year old man on a quest to sail the world.