Project Description

Episode 37 | A Conversation With My Sailboat

Solo sailing can sometimes be lonely. Not for me. I got my friend Galopin to talk to. Being French, he’s not at a loss for words. So I have a conversation with my sailboat then turn on the music and enjoy a wonderful sail downwind to Boavista island. Number six of the ten islands of the Cape Verde archipelago. I make landfall in the town of Sal Rei to drop off my boat documents to the local Police and run into sailor friends Juan and Nadia. Later the pirates Tito and Mamadu arrive at the anchorage. And with Mamadu’s guidance, he takes us to the working class neighbourhood called Barak. And here we get a taste of Africa, and we love it! But I will have to sail back to Mindelo, and before going we have a “see you later” picnic on a small deserted island with the Mindelo Pirate Gang.