Project Description

Episode 32 | Falling Asleep At The Helm

Falling asleep at the helm is not like falling asleep at the wheel. We did and went off course and not off a cliff. Nat was hungover and I was tired from basically solo sailing most of the day. Which started good, than got hard because of poor judgement and cockiness. And in the night the wind died and the autopilot also went to sleep. So we slowly drifted for an hour or so. Nat started the motor which immediately woke me up. We motored until sunrise and a rising breeze. When it hit 10 knots all reefs were off and we were gloriously sailing Galopin under full sails. We made it to our destination. Sal island and the port of Palmeira in 25 hours, which was what I had projected. We started hard but ended in all ended beautifully. This was sailing at it’s finest.