Project Description

Episode 30 | Anchored In The Wild West Of Cape Verde

Just a few nautical miles away from Mindelo is a hidden gem of a cove. Protected from the constant trade winds which can get on your nerves back in Mindelo Bay. We’re anchored in the Wild West of Cape Verde

So here we are to escape the wind and the city anchored in the wild west of Cape Verde. We are absolutely alone and go to shore to climb the mountains above us. We are wearing our cool Aleader water shoes. They are awesome! They help us go from sailboat to summit. Back down we get down to some fishing and meet a diver in the deep hunting Langostas. Nat strikes a deal and later we got lobsters grilling in our frying pan. Nothing last forever, the wind shifts and Galopin goes drifting out to sea! Good thing we’re aboard. Aleader Watershoes or water shoes are the best shoes ever for land & water. That’s just my opinion. But I mean it! Order them here with a discount. Price starts at less than $30! 15% Discount code: WINDED15