Project Description

Winded Voyage | Episode 28 | Tested As A Lake Sailor

Winded Voyage is really under way! No turning back. It’s Episode 28, Crossing To Minorca. We haven’t been on land since we left Port Leucate France. We leave mainland Spain behind for our first major passage. First overnight sail for me and Steph. I though it would be somewhat intimidating to be alone out at sea in the dark, but it was an amazing experience. The moon was like an eyelash barely reflecting the sun’s light which made the Milky Way more visible than I’ve ever seen before. There was no visible horizon line between sea and sky, so it felt as if we were floating in space, cruising in the infinite universe. Then hundreds of fluorescent blue jelly fish appeared under the stirred wake of Galopin. There were stars above and below! At sunrise we saw whales which may have been Sperm Whales. We finally got some wind and sailed into Ciutadella on the island of Minorca Spain.