Aleader Water Shoes | Best Shoes Ever For Land & Water

Aleader Watershoes or water shoes are the best shoes ever for land & water. That’s just my opinion. But I mean it!

Why are Aleader water shoes the best shoes ever for land & water? Well, we gave them the full sailor’s test. Which is demonstrated by going from sailboat to summit. That means using them on deck. Where one needs protection from toe stubbing and a good footing on the wet surface.

Aleader water shoes

Going from sailboat to summit

And then landing the dinghy on the beach. Which is not always soft sand, but a mix of rocks, pebbles and debris. Walking on razor sharp rocks along the coastline. Where still tide pools are alive with critters like Sea Urchins and razor sharp rock. And remember, all this is in the swell of waves and tide that wash around your feet. And to think we used to to this either barefoot or in Flip Flops. Aleader water shoes the best shoes ever for land & water are specially designed to drain water from inside the shoe. It simply pours out from the sole of the shoe. You are not trodding along in heavy wet sloshy footwear. And you don’t have to bring an extra dry pair to walk on land.

Landing the dinghy on the beach

Landing the dinghy on the beach

So then we climb up a cliff, rocks and gravel all the way up to the crest of the mountain where we enjoy a spectacular view. Our Aleader shoes are dry. Have been for most of the trek uphill. They are not mountaineering shoes. No they are extremely light. Lightest shoes to ever enrobe my feet. They fit my feet like stockings on a Can Can Girl. They are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had on my feet. So climbing up rocky cliff steps and steep gravel trails with these shoes is made easier. They’re so light and comfy, you hardly feel them on your feet. But when you step on a sharp rock or need grip on a steep incline they protect and hold.

Aleader water shoes the best shoes ever for land & water

From tide pools to cliff side

Aleader water shoes passed this important challenge for live aboard sailors and world adventurers like us. Give them a try! Aleader water shoes the best shoes ever for land & water because I said so! They are Winded Voyage approved

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