Season 2 | The Traning

Season 2 The Training! And what is this training all about? It’s about new destinations, new projects, new friends are all coming together to take you along the experiences an ordinary 55 year old man needs to take to go a new course in life. I’ve sold everything and moved into my Jeanneau Sun Fizz 40, Galopin, and taking off to sail the world, film and edit what I call Winded Voyage, A Living Adventure Series. So welcome aboard Galopin and get ready for a another way of life. But before I take off to sail the world I need to understand a few things. No! I need to learn a lot of things. And Season 2 The Training is about my new education in sailing and living aboard.

So for those who want to embark on a sailing vessel, travel the world and change your life see what it takes too get started on Winded Voyage Season 1.